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Abstract and CV

Jeffrey R. Charles is the owner and chief engineer of Versacorp, a small business which offers systems engineering services and optical instrumentation for astronomy, 360 degree panoramic imaging, and "full sphere" omnidirectional imaging. He is also an amateur astronomer, astrophotographer, and avid total solar eclipse chaser who has taken hundreds of astronomical and eclipse photos, performed experiments at four total solar eclipses, and presented dozens of related lectures. He co-founded the Verde Valley Astronomy Club in Arizona and has served on the awards committee at the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference. A prolific inventor and former professional photographer, he holds seven patents, has two patents pending, and has developed and implemented many innovative techniques and instruments for general, astronomical, scientific, and wide angle imaging and photography, including multi-function flip mirrors and guiding systems, multiple focal length optical systems, instrumentation and experiments which relate to predicting the appearance of the lunar umbra at future total solar eclipses, automated eclipse and panoramic imaging systems, indexing rotary panoramic camera platforms, Cassegrain and other axial strut wide angle reflectors for 360 degree panoramic capture and projection, and other ultra wide angle optical technology, some of which covers the entire sphere around itself in 3D. In addition, he was an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the early and mid 1990's, where he conceived, proposed, and/or implemented a variety of projects, techniques, and technologies, including compact laser steering mirrors; large aperture boresight telescopes for antennas; an airborne relay for deep-space optical communication (ARDOC) which is part of an airborne large aperture telescope (ALAT) which in turn resides on a multiple function lighter than air platform; and a detachable auxiliary power system module for aircraft.

Publications include the popular "Eclipse Chaser" ( web site, the Versacorp ( web site, instruction manuals for Versacorp astrophotography accessories, and various articles in newspapers, national magazines, and conference proceedings. Of these, notable printed works include "The Strutless (Axial Strut) All-Sky Camera" in the April, 1987 issue of Astronomy magazine; "Adventures in Astrophotography with a Small Telescope" in the Proceedings of the 1988 Riverside Telescope Makers conference; and "Airborne Large Aperture Telescope" (ALAT), in the proceedings of the 1995 "Innovative Space Mission Applications for Thin Films and Fabrics" conference at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. An astrophotography book for Springer-Verlag is in progress.



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Jeffrey R. Charles
Pasadena, CA 91004
(626) 398-4573



  • Systems engineer contractor for Telos Corporation at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Technician contractor (by title) for PRC at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Owner and chief engineer of Versacorp.




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