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By using this site, you signify your agreement to these terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions of use, please do not use the site.

This web site is provided for the promotion of Versacorp products and services. Articles and information are provided to assist customers in evaluating the scope of Versacorp products and services and for education. All material is intended for private non-commercial use by site visitors and it may not be duplicated in any form.


Disclaimer and Conditions of Use Statement:

Revised Dec. 12, 1996, Feb. 28, 1997, April 24, 1997, May 29, 1997, Sep. 7, 2010




No claim is expressed or implied as to the performance or quality of products and services provided by the vendors and service providers referred to at this site. Accordingly, Jeffrey R. Charles and Versacorp shall be held harmless with regard to all direct and consequential damages which may result from contacting or conducting business with these vendors or service providers. Further, Jeffrey R. Charles and Versacorp shall be held harmless in regard to any real, consequential, or imagined damages (and associated claims) whether said claims relate to the accessibility or inaccessibility of, use of, or actions inspired by, any data, inferences, suggestions, techniques, or other aspects of any material in or associated with this web page.


Conditions of Use:

General Conditions:

Material served under the domains,, or any associated site may not be broadcast, published, or otherwise reproduced unless the following conditions have been read and agreed to by the subject users, broadcasters, publishers, or their legal representatives. Accordingly, anyone who reproduces, broadcasts, distributes, or commercially uses material from this or any associated web page shall be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.

© Copyright 1975-1997, Jeffrey R. Charles. All Rights Reserved. All content is protected by intellectual property laws and any use other than for private, non-commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Unless specifically noted otherwise, all material in this web page is the intellectual property of, and is written or produced by, Jeffrey R. Charles. Material may only be downloaded by individuals for their own private non-commercial use, subject to the conditions herein. Those wishing to use material from this web page in commercial applications should direct their inquiries to: Jeffrey R. Charles (jcharles (*at*) For information about licensing patent or technology rights, please inquire per the contact information above.

In addition to other indicated restrictions, the following conditions apply to all limited and unlimited use of all concepts, documents, data, designs, images, or other material written or produced by Jeffrey R. Charles, served under or transferred from this web page or the domains "", "", "", or derived from material therein, whether said material was obtained directly or indirectly: Any form of reproduction, posting of any part of subject or associated material at web sites other than,, or, or any commercial use thereof (including use in a seminar, product, program, publication, broadcast, or motion picture) without including this notice and without the prior express written consent of Jeffrey R. Charles and all applicable contributors is strictly prohibited. All use, reproduction, or affixing any part of subject material to any permanent media (including magnetic media) is permitted only on the condition that every copy or fixation of said material; is not altered, modified or defaced; includes references to this home page and the names of all applicable articles and authors; and that all names, patent notices, copyright notices, authorship notices and credits are either left unmodified or are prominently displayed in or immediately adjacent to each image and article. It shall also be prominently indicated on every copy or fixation of said material that commercial and intellectual property rights to data and other material therein are not transferable.


Versacorp and associated personnel shall not be liable for any damages to your computer or data, or for viruses that may infect your computer equipment on account of your access to, use of, or browsing at this site or from your using of any materials, data, text, images, video or audio displayed on this site. Versacorp and Jeffrey R. Charles are not responsible for the content of any other sites which may be linked to this site.

It is prohibited for you to send any unlawful, threatening, libelous, obscene, pornographic or profane electronic mail etc., that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered criminal, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law.

Additional Provisions for Articles & Images:

Images posted under the domain are considered "shareware". A royalty is not applicable for viewing images, though a royalty (to be determined) will typically be applicable if the images are printed or saved (either directly or by transferring from a cache) for later use. Most images and articles may be incorporated into pre-approved non-commercial material, subject to the above "general conditions". Prints and/or high resolution .TIF files of most images may be purchased from Jeffrey R. Charles. Please E-mail all inquiries to Jeffrey R. Charles (jcharles (*at*)

All publication, broadcast, implementation, or distribution of articles or the intellectual property therein must be by specific prior arrangement. Unless marked otherwise, IMAGES may only be utilized in broadcasts and publications if an appropriate royalty is paid. Broadcasting or publication include but are not limited to television broadcasting, web publishing, and printed publication. Use is defined by any means by which the image or other material is reproduced, including situations where a camera is simply pointed at a computer monitor or a print to capture the image.

Conditions for Broadcast Television (primarily daily news broadcasts): Unless other specific, prior, arrangements are made in writing, a minimum royalty of $1,500.00 U.S. is applicable for unlimited national (U.S.) broadcast of each image during any given 24 hour period. This unlimited broadcast can include all affiliated stations. Use only by a single local station is a minimum of $100.00 U.S. for unlimited local broadcast during any given 24 hour period. If the image is rebroadcast by other local stations, each station will be liable for the same royalty for each major metropolitan area covered. If the material is rebroadcast nationally, the national broadcaster shall be liable for the national broadcast royalty whether or not they were informed of it by the local station. If the same image is broadcast by a given station during consecutive 24 hour periods, the minimum royalty for each additional 24 hour period shall be half of the royalty for the initial 24 hour period.

Conditions for Web publishing: The minimum daily rates are half that of television broadcasting. Following the end of publication, all links to the subject material must be to this or an associated web page. Links to any form of web archive which may have archived the subject material without the prior consent and authorization of Jeffrey R. Charles are prohibited. Links to the article in this web page or an associated web page where the subject image appears may be added for free, so long as all authorship information and links to this legal page are easily visible and accessible with all popular web browsers.

Conditions for printed publication. Unless other specific, prior arrangements are made in writing, the minimum rates for each image in each edition of the subject publication are twice that shown for the first day of national broadcasting of an image, or $3,000.00 U.S.

Conditions for foreign broadcasts and publications: Minimum rates for all world wide use are twice that shown above for the equivalent national use. Minimum rates for foreign broadcasts and publications which are not accessible in the United States are half of that shown above for equivalent national use.

Conditions for use of Articles, Papers, & Other Technical Text: The minimum royalty for every 5 kb of text (or any fraction thereof) shall be equivalent to that for one image under the conditions set forth herein.

Conditions for use in motion pictures, television productions (other than daily news), videos, products, software, books, and electronic media publications and productions: All Articles, Concepts, Inventions, Methods, Processes, Products, Papers, Journals, Characters, Experiences, Stories, Screenplays, & Other Material (and all intellectual property therein) not specifically addressed above shall not be used in any motion picture, television or audio production, screenplay, treatment, video, book, product, or other item not specifically addressed elsewhere in this document without the prior express written consent of Jeffrey R. Charles and the payment of appropriate royalties to him. Rates for these uses are generally higher than for other uses. Please direct all inquiries to the licensing contact information near the end of this web page.

The minimum royalties herein are based on the premise that all copyright notices, credits, and other specified information are broadcast at the same time as (i.e. with) each image, or that said notices, etc., are published on or immediately adjacent to each image. The minimum royalty shall be no less than 200 percent of the amounts shown if these notices are not properly broadcast or published. In cases where material from this web page is used without prior authorization, minimum compensation to the author shall, by default, be greater than or equal to the royalties shown. All unauthorized use of intellectual property, including copyright or patent infringement, shall expose the infringer to applicable civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Images specifically linked and marked as "Public Domain" images may be used for non-commercial purposes without advance permission as long as the image is not cropped or otherwise modified so as to exclude the copyright notice and other information which may be affixed to them, and so long as the use is only associated with material that would be equivalent to a G, PG, or PG-13 movie rating. The specifically marked "Public Domain" images may also be freely used in television broadcasts, so long as the copyright notice, credits, and other information affixed to them are also broadcast, but they may NOT be published, distributed as "stock" images, or be sold in any other capacity.

Licensing Performing Arts Works:
(Poems, Lyrics, Music, Screenplays, etc.) (This section also applies to architecural works.)

Some performing Arts Works that are authored by Jeffrey R. Charles, but that are not currently managed by a separate Copyright Administrator, are published at the and/or sites to facilitate access and licensing. Since the proposed use by each potential user is likely to be different, it is not practical to post "boiler plate" conditions of use for these. To inquire about conditions of use, and/or shares arrangements, please do so via the licensing contact information near the bottom of this web page, and mention "Performing Arts Works" in the subject line.

It is envisioned that the site may also eventually provide several Christian works for which Jeffrey R. Charles composed both the melody and the lyrics. (No such works are posted yet.) When the use is related to religious services at individual churches, the royalty for each copy or use at a given church (for applications not under the religious services exemption) could be quite low. For this (to save on paperwork for all parties), it is envisioned that a royalty schedule and "honor system" royalty arrangement will be implemented at the Versacorp web site. This would be subject to change if the works were later managed by a Copyright Administrator. All commercial or professional performances or uses (or performances or uses for which the artist otherwise receives compensation) would be subject to separate negotiation in advance. For details about any of the above, please inquire via the licensing contact information near the bottom of this web page, and mention "Christian Music" in the subject line.

Additionally, Jeffrey R. Charles has written some Christian lyrics (and a smaller number of secular lyrics) for which a suitable melody has not been authored. In some such cases, the lyrics may (TBD) be published along with a solicitation for musicians to write a melody in exchange for shares in licensing. Any arrangements would have to be approved in advance, and the finished work would be managed by an outside Copyright Administrator. In other cases, some lyrics may be adaptable to an existing melody (even though not actually written for that melody), but this is not always optimum in terms of flow. In these cases, the related lyrics will not be published until or unless it is resolved through channels if a given artist is amenable to their melody being used with an adapted version of the lyrics, or unless the artist or publisher is nonresponsive. No in process negotiations will be disclosed on the associated web site, and if permission to use a given melody is denied, the title of the declined melody will not be disclosed at the associated web site, in order to protect the copyright of the melody author. If the author of the melody is amenable to their melody being used with Jeffrey R. Charles' lyrics, the related finished work would be managed by an outside Copyright Administrator.

Additional Provisions for Instrumentation and Accessory Plans:

Not applicable to proprietary optical components. For these, please see the licensing section.

All plans and machine drawings are considered "shareware" and may be downloaded and printed without charge for evaluation and for the purpose of obtaining quotes from machinists, subject to the above "general conditions". If parts are machined from the drawings, a royalty is applicable. Any other use of the plans without payment of the specified royalty and the express written consent of Jeffrey R. Charles and all applicable contributors is prohibited.

If parts are machined from the drawings, a royalty of $3.00 U.S. is applicable for each piece of each part the customer machines or has machined. Lower per part royalties are applicable if a customer wants to machine several identical items from the same plan. Commercial use IS permitted if the royalty is paid for each part that is machined. In regard to calculating the royalty, simple spanner rings (such as those used to retain lenses) are considered part of the parent lens cell and are not subject to a separate royalty unless noted otherwise on the drawing. The royalty is applicable to each part of more complex items, such as guiders.

The royalty is partly to offset the time and/or cost of preparing drawings suitable for general use by machinists and transfer over the net. Hard copies of existing plans and machine drawings for some of the listed items are available via postal mail. The cost including shipping and handling in the U.S. is: $5.00 for the first plan in each order, $4.00 for the second, and $3.00 for each additional plan. The cost of each plan includes the royalty for making one machined part from that plan. Any additional parts that are made are subject to the same royalty as described in the paragraphs above.

Other Provisions and Applicable Exceptions:

Certain "group photos" and other items that are marked so as to be in the public domain or otherwise specifically exempted from the above conditions may be reproduced, posted, or otherwise used non-commercially without charge or restriction provided that; the use falls within the scope of the stated exceptions or exemption(s), the material is not altered, the source home page and the names of applicable articles are referenced, and all names, patent notices, copyright notices and credits appear in or immediately adjacent to each image and/or article.

Unless noted otherwise, all local documents under the headings "Versacorp Optical Instrumentation", "Other product & service providers", "Products & services wanted", and "Latin American astronomical organizations" may be reproduced or posted non-commercially without restriction provided that; they are not altered, this web site (e.g. the web site this legal notice is associated with) and the names of applicable articles are referenced, and that all names, patent notices, copyright notices, authorship notices and credits prominently appear in, or immediately adjacent to, each item. Commercial use of this material is permitted only by duly authorized Versacorp dealers or agents, provided that; it is not altered, this home page and the names of applicable articles are referenced, and that all names, patent notices, copyright notices, authorship notices and credits prominently appear in, or immediately adjacent to, each item.

Other Linked and Unlinked Web Pages:

Use of other web pages are typically governed by applicable authors, owners, and copyright laws. It is best to assume that authors do not want their material subjected to unrestricted use unless they have specifically indicated otherwise.

Communicating with Versacorp - Please do not send proprietary material!

Notice: By submitting comments, suggestions, and other unsolicited material, you waive all rights to them and make them available for unrestricted commercial use.

It is the policy of Versacorp not to accept or consider concepts, ideas, or designs other than those it has specifically requested in writing. Versacorp is actively developing technologies and products in a wide variety of technical and creative fields and may be considering development of products related to information that you may be inclined to communicate. For that reason, Versacorp asks that you do not submit any concepts, creative ideas, or product designs, etc. (collectively referred to as "Information"). Any information provided to Versacorp will not be treated as confidential or proprietary, and information with confidential markings will be returned or destroyed without review. Versacorp shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of any Information.

If, in spite of the request that you not send any Information, you send Versacorp Information, said Information shall be deemed to be, and shall remain, the property of Versacorp. Without limitation of the foregoing, Versacorp shall exclusively own all now known or hereafter existing rights to the Information of every kind and nature and shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the Information for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to the provider of the Information.

Use of this site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions of use. Versacorp may update or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this legal notice to review the then current Terms and Conditions by which you are bound.

Conditions of use for this web site and related sites and material, as well as prices, specifications, and availability of all items shown or described at the and web sites (and in related brochures, advertisements, and communications) are subject to change without notice. Additional terms, conditions, restrictions and disclaimers apply. Some of these may be set forth in each particular document and in the web site(s) associated with this Legal Information web page.

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Licensing of Images, Articles, Art, Performing Arts Works, Patents and Technology:

Please direct all licensing inquiries to: license (*at*)

Royalties for images and articles are payable by PayPal, check or money order. Please make all checks payable to "Jeffrey R. Charles" and send to:

Attn: Jeffrey R. Charles
10730 Sharon Ave.
Sunland, CA, 91040

If paying via PayPal, please address payment to: jcharles (*at*)
Royalties for Performing Arts Works (Poetry, Music, Screenplays, etc.) should also be handled as specified above, unless a specific Copyright Administrator or Agent is specified for a given work.

Phone: (818) 352-2241 (New number as of 2010)

Please direct all product sales inquiries to: sales (*at*)

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